The Bartletts


The Bartletts is an interactive story of the pioneering Bartlett family. Your advice can help them succeed!

It is 1784, the end of the American Revolution. The Bartletts are one of the Loyalist families forced to flee from their homes in the colony of New York to become pioneers in the Niagara region, then part of the British “Province of Quebec.”

The Bartletts have to make decisions about what to do in their first decade as pioneers in the Niagara Peninsula. You can help them succeed by picking the best answer to each situation and challenge they face. Just click on the question mark beside your choice.

Click on words in BLUE CAPITALS (GLOSSARY) for helpful information.

At the end of each year, you can catch up on world events—both the good news and the disasters—in the Bartlett Times. Right under the banner, you will also see a line of text that tells you how well the Bartletts are doing thanks to your help.